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Optcore is a reliable and trusted supplier specializing in development and production of optical transceiver and other fiber optic products. As an innovative company, Optcore provide a wide variety of optical transceiver and media converters with high-performance and competitive price for fiber optic communications equipment, telecom, datacom and access networks.

With years of OEM experience for customers from China and overseas, our professional and skillful production team is processing every procedure strictly according to ISO9001 quality control, which honor us great reputation all over the world, especially in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Optcore's products have been exported to more than 40 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Japan, South Korea and so on.

We always regard "customer first" and "high quality basis" as our principle and establish long term relationship with all our customers, "win-win" strategy with our partners is what we pursue after all the time. 

Our mission is to sever the reliable and the best quality and the most satisfactory service to our clients; Do our best to meet customer's requirement and make most profit for our clients.

Product range

Guarantted Product Quality 1x9 Transceivers: 0.5Mb 1x9,500kb 1x9,2Mb 1x9,52Mb 1x9,84Mb 1x9,350Mb 1x9,FE 1x9, OC-3 1x9, STM-1 1x9,FE CWDM 1x9,FE BIDI 1x9,OC-12 1x9,STM-4 1x9,OC-12 BIDI 1x9,GE 1x9 ,GE BIDI 1x9,GE CWDM 1x9,FC 1x9,OC-48 1x9,OC-48 BIDI 1x9,OC-48 CWDM 1x9,OC-48 DWDM 1x9,2GB FC 1x9.
Guarantted Product Quality XENPAK Transceivers: 10Gb XENPAK,10Gb CWDM XENPAK,10Gb DWDM XENPAK,10Gb BIDI XENPAK,10Gb XENPAK SFP+ Converter.
Guarantted Product Quality 40G Transceivers: QSFP+ SR4,QSFP+ LR4,QSFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable),QSFP+ DAC Cables,CFP.


 2008.10   Company Established.
 2008.11   Export transceivers to Israel.
 2009.05   Releases 10G SFP+ LR transceiver.
 2009.10   Work with partner to provide SFP transceiver for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.
 2011.08   Releases first SMPTE video SFP modules.
 2011.12   Releases SMPTE video CWDM SFP modules.
 2012.05   10G transceivers are accepted by Alcatel-Lucent U.K.
 2012.09   Optcore joined 14th China International Optoelectronic Exposition. 
 2013.02   Releases 10G SFP+ transceivers with CDR.
 2013.04   Attend 3rd Mideast IT Production Exposition. 
 2013.05   Releases 10G SFP+ transceivers with CDR.
 2013.07   Releases 40G QSFP SR4/LR4 transceiver.

Why Optcore?

Guarantted Product Quality Guaranteed Product Quality
      In accordance with our industry-leading Product Guarantee Policy, we guarantee the quality of every fiber optic product 
      we sell.
Guarantted Product Quality 3-Year Warranty
      We provide a 3-Year Warranty for all optical transceivers deliverved to you.
Guarantted Product Quality Fast & Global Delivery 
      Large inventory of regular products ensures fast delivery. Shipment commonly be arranged by international couriers like 
      TNT, FedEx, DHL, FedEx and UPS within 1~2 business days. 
Guarantted Product Quality Extensive Cost Saving
      With Optcore’s total optical transceiver solution, you can see immediate, quantifiable cost savings up to 80%, while 
      ensuring high quality product.
Guarantted Product Quality Compatibility and Reliability 
      We strictly test the products before delivery to ensure the compatibility and reliability on different brands of devices.
Guarantted Product Quality One Stop Supplier for Fiber Optics
      We provide the transceivers products covering 0.5Mb/s to 40Gb/s rates with all types Package Style, as well as other
      related optics like MUX/DEMUX, Fiber Patch Cord, Media Converters that provide you one stop shopping to meet your 
      fiber optics needs.